Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Back-to-School Edition

Check out these beautiful file folders from Punch Studio, with lots of glossy gold metallic accents:

I picked up a few at the smaller Bob Slate in Harvard Square a few days ago and I enjoy just looking at them on my desk — even though they're sitting on top of the pile of stuff I still need to file inside them.

If only I'd had folders like these when I was in school. I had to wear a drab uniform every day but I expressed myself with pretty school supplies. I had flowered notebooks and mod little pens that wrote with hot pink, green, and purple ink. I also had pencils covered with swirly designs, and psychedelic book covers.

Somewhere between 1st and 4th grade, I carried everything in a kid-size suitcase that looked something like this:

Those were the days of Flower Power. For some of us, they've never really ended. My closet may be full of gray and black — I seem to have unconsciously absorbed certain fashion lessons from the nuns — but I'm still not-so-secretly a sucker for anything paisley, sparkly, or mod.

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