Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crime Scene

We went to Newport today. Had a great time: ate lunch by the harbor, took tours of two of our favorite mansions (Château sur Mer, the Breakers), wandered into a few shops, saw some handsome Victorian streets and Ocean Drive, and had ice cream/frozen yogurt (chocolate peanut-butter cup: superb and memorable) at the Newport Creamery on the way home.

Left the cats home alone for about 10 hours — most unusual.

A huge old weeping beech, one of my favorites in Newport, at Château sur Mer

Returned to find some of our planned dinner — a formerly intact Iggy's baguette — lying unconscious on the floor. The extra plastic bag I'd wrapped tightly around it to protect it from marauders had been neatly removed and placed near the crime scene. I'd "hidden" the baguette on top of the breadbox since it was too large to fit inside; what was I thinking? We harbor a master bread thief in this house. He'd clawed its bag open and eaten a few good-sized chunks — kindly leaving us enough for a couple of sandwiches. Thanks, Snalbert.

The perp surveying his crime scene

Then I found that my laptop was not in "sleep" mode, but open to's "25 All-Time Best Pop Music Acts." He had clicked past Aerosmith (good boy!) and settled on this:"

Snabert apparently likes the G-Clefs

This can only mean that Snalbert is feeling better and is up to his old web-surfing, bread-snatching tricks. Maybe he was trying to fill in some of the holes in Possum and Wendy's cultural education. At least he didn't order anything online with the new credit card I left lying next to my laptop. As far as I know....

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