Thursday, August 26, 2010

Current Craving: Swiss Army Knife

Okay — one last Maine-related post. On the drive home, we stopped in Ellsworth to visit Rooster Brother, the splendid cooking and gourmet food store that blows any similar store around Boston out of the water.

After roaming around the huge stocks of Le Creusets and the Revol porcelain dishes, I spotted this special Summer 2010 edition Swiss Army knife, and said, "Ooooh!" Or something to that effect.
My husband was already at the register, buying cat food dishes and a dopey plastic ring he says he'll use for peeling oranges. He snatched the knife from my hand and purchased it. For himself. (They only had one in white, and it has to be white.) 

He has complicated, conflicted feelings about lobsters, partly because he's read too much about them. I have to drag him away from the lobster tank at the supermarket every time we go. He finds lots to admire about lobsters (besides their taste) and thinks they are fascinating creatures.

But his lobster issues didn't stop him from tearing a 2-pounder to shreds and devouring it in about 5 minutes last week, at Beal's Lobster Pier. 

The knife is already tucked away in his fancy new desk in his fancy new (huge) office. He is very happy. Although he still needs a stapler. (They don't make lobster staplers, do they?)

And I still want a lobster knife of my own. I keep a little Swiss Army penknife on my keychain and carry it everywhere.  Mine is ancient, purple, and very dull-bladed. Its outstanding feature is a tiny pen in place of the standard toothpick. (So it's really a pen-knife, and don't you think that using the same toothpick more than once is an unsanitary practice?) But I never remember to use the pen in emergencies, so there's really no point in keeping it. And this lobster edition will be disappearing soon, when they break out the armadillo edition, or whatever, for fall.


  1. I had one of those knives with the pen once. It sucked, and then it fell out after a few months.

  2. I've had mine for about 10 years now. I might have replaced the pen once when it fell out, but that was years ago if it ever happened.

    But how many times have I been out, needed a pen and didn't have one? Plenty. And how many times did I remember the one on my keyring? Maybe once....


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