Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lazy Day in Maine

When we're on vacation, sometimes breakfast is the most taxing part of the day. Which scones and muffins? What kind of juice?

"Grand Slam Breakfast:"  blueberry pancakes, poached egg, hash browns, Canadian bacon.

Just carrying it all to the table is exhausting, and after we eat, we're too worn out to do anything but lounge by the pool with friends.

Ruby has a drink.

Innkeeper takes a dip.

Sometimes we have the strength to do a little reading, email, or blogging....

Whole days pass this way, with interruptions for lunch, snacks, and dinner, of course.

Lots of naps, to help us digest:

All that food and sleep give us the energy to walk a hundred yards (or less) to the dock for the sunset:

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