Friday, August 20, 2010

Maine: Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond, with The Bubbles in the distance

We walk the 3.5-mile path around Jordan Pond just about every time we visit Mt. Desert Island. The first half of the trail is level gravel and the rest is well-place rocks and smooth planking. You have a water view from almost every point, and there are the little mountains called "The Bubbles," too.

The pond is a water supply, crystal clear:

It's an easy, beautiful walk but I still find material for complaining. For one thing, we usually take this walk when we're hungry, because we have reservations at the Jordan Pond House restaurant when we're finished.

And so it always seems to take an unusually long time....

"Are we there yet?"

Are we there YET???

How about NOW?

Despite all that beauty, food is always more interesting. This restaurant has been around since the 19th century; its current permutation dates to the 1970s, when the place was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt. 

The Island tradition is popovers on the lawn overlooking the pond and The Bubbles.  The popovers are served very hot, and you tear them apart and cover them with butter and strawberry jam. I while away the walk by speculating on what I'm going to order. "Popovers and iced tea?" "Popovers and a pot of blueberry tea?" Popovers and a smoothie?" "Popovers and iced chai?" I don't think my husband finds this topic all that tiresome, because he's hungry, too. 

Finally, we're seated on the lawn, at an old-fashioned green wooden bench and table, shaded by an umbrella, with the menu in our hands. I wasn't too hungry to snap a photo of the menu cover:

And the verdict? Popovers anda tall glass of spicy-sweet iced chai!

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