Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Thursday Morning Incident in Back Bay

Yesterday evening, my husband brought home a box of Munchkins (a few leftovers from a meeting with his teaching assistants). Before going to bed, he took the box, wrapped it securely in a plastic bag, and stuck it "safely" behind a metal box on our kitchen counter for the night. This morning, he dragged me out of bed — where I was still recovering from yet another battle with a mosquito, to witness this scene:

As you can see, an Unknown Assailant had knocked the box to the floor and neatly removed the bag, tossing it aside. Then the box was opened and Munchkins were encouraged to escape. You can see our 15-year-old Snalbert deftly pursuing one that had fled into the living room, leaking jelly.

Suddenly, a witness appeared, obviously shaken and alarmed:

When the witness had partially recovered, he indicated that Snalbert was, in fact, the perpetrator. And it does appear that Snalbert has a taste for Munchkins, because he didn't exactly return that escapee to the box after he captured it.

Snalbert tries and fails to pass as an innocent bystander.

Witness surveys scene.

No charges were filed because the witness proved to be unreliable. No police cars or fire trucks arrived, and no news crews will spend days hanging pointlessly around the scene — because Tom Brady wasn't involved in this incident. (His turn was last Thursday; I wonder if news crews will return to the corner today to respectfully commemorate the one-week anniversary.)

People will not be leaving flowers at our door, as they did at Tom's, even though he walked away from his accident. Why would anyone do that, I wondered when I heard about it. Isn't that rather ghoulish if there hasn't even been an injury, let alone a death? Isn't it overkill — a bit like wishing things had been worse?  But I guess people instinctively recognize that Tom is the People's Prince, the closest thing we have to Princess Diana. Especially with his current fluffy hairdo.

I didn't want stale Munchkins for breakfast anyway.

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  1. It's those owl ears, they are a dead give away! (I have two cats, ask me how I know...)


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