Monday, September 6, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Sullivan's

Yesterday we decided to head over to Castle Island in South Boston for change of scene.

On Summer Street, we passed the Queen Mary 2, probably docked for an early leaf-peeping tour up the New England coast. We were amazed to get some spectacular views — we'd been trying and failing to see this ship for a few years now. We scheduled an October trip to coincide with its arrival in Bar Harbor a few years ago, but stormy weather kept it out of port. We ran out of time to see it when we were visiting relatives in Brooklyn and it was docked there. In Boston, we tried to see it at the dock. But you can only see a small fraction of it before security stops you from going closer.

But there she was, when we hadn't been expecting her at all. Of course, I hadn't brought my camera; these are iPhone photos. My first glimpse was of the red funnel, and then the rest came impressively into view:

Sullivan's on Castle Island was our destination, of course, and it was busy last night, although the lines move fast.

For $1.60, you get a grilled Kayem hot dog with a satisfying "snap" and a toasted bun. And $3.25 gets you a hot, greasy sackful of sweet, hand-cut onion rings — plenty for two. (A lobster roll is also a deal at $9.95.) Those of you who know the PB realize that she'd pick this kind of simple, old-fashioned dinner over a snooty restaurant "dining experience"any time.

As we ate, we watched the ocean, kids, dogs, and the sunset as jets from Logan flew low over our heads. We walked off a handful of calories by circling Fort Independence, and got back in line for a tall but virtuous cone of Hood's soft-serve nonfat yogurt.

It was a perfect summer Sunday evening in Boston. I think we'll be going back soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our neck of the woods! This winter, if you're up for an adventure, walk around Castle Island during a big snow storm. You'll have the place nearly all to yourself...and it's very dramatic. PS: Be sure to wear ear muffs. The wind HOWLS out there!

  2. Hmm, if the snowstorm occurred while Sullivan's was still open, I'd be up for it. Hot cocoa and a hot dog in the snow!


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