Monday, September 27, 2010

Closet-Clearing and Coincidence

Last May, I filled a large shopping bag with winter clothing to consign at Second-Time Around in the fall. It's been sitting in our closet, very much in our way, ever since.

This afternoon, I finally pulled it out and started to deal with it. I think I was inspired by the Back Bay Street Sale. As I was brushing a bit of cat fur from a sweater and deciding which items needed steaming, the phone rang.

It was someone from Second Time Around.

"Wow, what a coincidence!" I exclaimed, "I'm in the middle of getting some things ready to bring to you later today." She agreed that it was spooky indeed. It's not like I do this often. Before I consigned a few things this past summer, I hadn't given them anything in several years.

She was calling because she thought there had been a mix-up; someone else's clothing had been added to my account. I assured her that the designer jackets and the green Burberry trench were not mine. (Burberry? Ha! More like the Gap!)  I finishing gussying up my stuff, put it on hangers, and shlepped in the drizzle to the store at Newbury and Hereford. I think all the STA stores are friendly places to browse, but this one is my favorite.

They told me they'd go through my things tonight and I could pick up whatever they didn't want tomorrow. I am always mortified by this procedure. Years ago, I stopped consigning with them because I dreaded rejection so much. In the summer they didn't accept a few of my things, but they were perfectly nice about it. I happily donated the rejects to Boomerang's. I still feel insecure, though.

Later this afternoon, they called to say they were taking everything — everything! — and would put the receipt in the mail. Closet-cleaning was clearly my destiny today.

Goodbye, cashmere vest from 2000. Farewell, corduroy prairie skirt. Ciao, handsome tweed skirt that itched like crazy despite a lining, tights, and a slip. So long, frumpy bogus-Chanel cardigan with the tag attached. Adieu, safari jacket that only looked good at the Pyramids. Etc., etc.

It feels great to have it gone. And I suspect I'm just getting started with the Big Closet Clean-Out of 2010. Like an occasional splurge, I highly recommend an occasional purge: it's good for the psyche as well as the closet. I'll keep you posted on any future progress.

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