Sunday, September 19, 2010

Current Craving: Traveling Heavy

Pierre Deux sells gorgeous old-fashioned wooden trunks with leather straps and brass hardware. I like the big one, of course.

I'd use it for storage and as a coffee table. But the real joy in owning one of these would be to travel with it, or even just to imagine such a trip — in the grand old manner, requiring stevedores and a first-class, flower-and-book filled cabin on a Cunard bound for Southampton.

If I had one of these, I would lull myself to sleep at night by planning out what to pack in it for a round-the-world cruise. I often pack imaginary suitcases for imaginary trips when I can't fall asleep. Try it: it beats counting sheep or lying there worrying.

I realize I'd also need the smaller trunk for the cats' toys and essentials. In my fantasy, they go everywhere we go, and they're intrepid about it. No howling, no panting, no fear. I'm sure that Possum would enjoy seeing Venice.

At prices ranging from $799 to 1,495, this craving is destined to remain just that. For a small fraction of that, you can find an authentic, restored steamer trunk at Brimfield. In fact, I already have one at the foot of the bed, in practical pine with black hardware. Unfortunately, it's very stationary; it lost its get-up-and-go well before my lifetime. So it's not even useful for fantasizing, just for storing out-of-season clothes. Even my fantasy world has its limits.


  1. Those are great looking trunks. I like how you said you'd need a small one for cat toys. (My cats get an old cookie tin for toy storage, it keeps the catnip fresh.)

  2. Nice post !!!
    With your post i found that you have a fantasy about the suitcases. Nice picture of the suitcase....


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