Wednesday, September 8, 2010

House-Hunting Still

Several new Back Bay and Beacon Hill properties have come on the market since the Labor Day weekend, as various broker acquaintances assured us they would. Except for a couple of handsome duplexes that we can't afford on Waltham Street, we haven't seen much of anything even mildly promising in the past month or two.

But the most amazing thing came on the market today. A penthouse condo high up on Beacon Hill with two decks. And in the common garden, there's an elegant, 1920s heated swimming pool, fed by a dolphin fountain. There's also a pergola, I think. A corner of Rome in Beacon Hill: A fantasy come true.

I almost don't care what the condo looks like — it seems nice, although it has very low ceilings and little in the way of the 19th-century architectural details we love — because all I can think about is that pool.

Be prepared for lots of indecisive emotional gyrating and gnashing of teeth here, probably beginning on Sunday, after we visit the open house. I know perfectly well it would be stupid to buy an apartment chiefly for its outdoor space — ignoring issues like room layouts, charm, square footage, convenient location, and parking. I realize that it's usually too cold to lounge around outside for about half the year. But could a little blue pool and a green garden compensate for endless treks up the hill with groceries (let's not forget the icy brick sidewalks....) and not having tall ceilings, bay windows, or a permanent parking space?  Possibly. It just might. Confession: owning a swimming pool has been practically my only steadfast goal in life. It started when I was about three and, no, I can't really swim. But I love pools. They always make me happy. And that's all there is to it.

Will keep you posted.

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