Friday, September 24, 2010

Shoes for Everybody

Yesterday, I went for a ramble on Newbury Street, to check out the new fall styles. I'm always in the mood for a new pair of boots, and I actually need ankle boots, since two of my old reliables are about to bite the dust. 

I did a little online reconnaissance first, just to see what's out there. A lot of bland, low-heeled old-lady boots. A lot of ridiculous heels. And, as always, a considerable about of "Ugh!"

I don't want anything like the boot below, even at far less than the $485 pricetag. The best way to describe the chunky platform wedge look is "Frankenfoot."

Grim fake reptile by Elizabeth and James, from Saks.

One current trend is to put the zipper on the outside of the boot, or to have zippers on both sides of the foot. Are zippers all that wonderful to look at? Do you really want to see the zipper on a boot that theoretically laces up the front?

Super-high heels are out for me, of course, and for any Bostonian who needs to get somewhere on foot. Have you seen any fashionistas tottering around town in spike heels? They always look like they're trying too hard. Because they are. In Boston, we like to storm down sidewalks at a brisk pace, weaving in and out of strolling groups of tourists. Boots like the style below are for stepping carefully in and out of cabs, or perhaps not even that. Boots like these tend to brand a woman in Boston as "recent arrival," "tourist," or "dating a guy with weird taste."

An unfortunate $140 boot by Guess, from Macy's.

But as I was strolling around Newbury Street, I spotted some really good-looking boots. They had interesting design details and were reasonably on-trend, with cuffs or wraps, or elegant folds of leather along the foot. But they had wearable heels and flexible soles, perfect for our streets. They're all made of soft, handsome, glove leather. I saw them in Thom Brown and in the window Cuoio. When I'd find a pair I liked, my ears would perk up, cat-style, and I'd look inside to check the brand.

It was always the same: Everybody Shoes. The Tannery carries them, too. Here are some of the styles I liked:

Either of these would make my long, walking skirts and slim cords look more up-to-date. I even spotted a pair that I think successfully uses zippers in the design:

Prices hover between $140 and $200, so I won't be investing in more than one pair. And I'll be looking for an online deal, too. But it's nice to know there's a new brand of shoes that's just right for trekking around Boston without looking like an old lady or a fashion slave.

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