Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shoes? Or Art?

After seasons of towering platforms and mile-high heels, shoes are coming back down to earth. Finally, women can stop tottering, clomping, and mincing along Newbury Street, and walk gracefully again. I'm not speaking of the vast majority of women in gladiator sandals and flip flops, of course — they can stride along comfortably. But the fashionistas in trendy stilettos have had a painful, treacherous summer.

Here are some vintage-style charmers from Anthropologie, with heels that any Bostonian could walk in — assuming she was willing to risk their leather wrappings on our infamous brick and cobblestone sidewalks. I've wrecked a lot of leather-covered heels in my day.... but these elegant shoes would tempt one to try walking just on the curbstones, pretending that, say, Marlborough Street is one long balance beam or pirate plank. And, considering how unique they are, their prices aren't that bad for a splurge, especially if (like me) you spent the last four months in $20 flip flops.

These blue-green Wingspan Heels ($98) are appliqu├ęd with suede butterfly wings. I might substitute turquoise satin ribbons for those navy laces.

With rosettes inspired by red M&Ms, these ruby slippers are better than those gaudy glittered pumps of Dorothy's. With cranberry suede and crimson faux-lizard heels, I'd be more inclined to display these than risk ruining them. Candy Disc Heels ($98).

Although these ruffled gray suede pumps are a little higher, they're still respectable at 3.25" — party shoes.  I love their graceful curves; they are sculptures for your feet. Gust of Wind Pumps ($119).

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