Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Into Fall

Yesterday it was warm enough to take a last swim in the heated pool at our friend's posh condo building on Commonwealth Avenue. The water was perfect — reminiscent of bath water but not quite — and there were a few pink hibiscus flowers floating around. Best of all, we had it all to ourselves. No little kiddies splashing everyone by jumping in a thousand times, screaming all the way, ignored by their chatting parents. No languid tanners in designer swimsuits lounging with their Vogue magazines. Just the two of us, and the din from the Mass. Pike and the giant HVAC unit nearby.... Really, it was wonderful.

This morning, we had all the windows open to the cooler air, which inspires the youngsters to watch the birds, —which inspires the birds to make a lot more noise.

This afternoon, it was cold enough that a cup of tea was a comfort when I got home from visiting a few open houses in the South End (beautiful but too expensive, and too far from where we truly want to be, which is Back Bay) and wandering the SoWa Market.

I know it's going to warm up again after a rainy day tomorrow. But the pool closed for the season today. Goodbye, summer!

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