Sunday, October 3, 2010

Current Craving: Chocolate Pudding

I rediscovered Jello Instant Pudding a few years ago, and I was all, "Where have you been all these years?" How could I have forgotten how much I loved pudding as a child? Specifically, chocolate pudding. One day when I was stocking up at Shaw's there was a sale on certain flavors (not that pudding mix ever breaks the bank, but I love a bargain) so I experimented with white chocolate, vanilla, French vanilla, and butterscotch. There are several other intriguing flavors, but I always gravitate to chocolate. Trader Joe's sells pudding mix, too, and it's fine.

Made with skim milk, chocolate pudding is a low-fat, low-calorie, but satisfyingly rich dessert. My sister used to pour it into a store-bought graham-cracker crust and slather each slice artistically with Reddi-Whip from the can (plus a squirt for our vicious tabby, Kelly). Near-effortless chocolate cream pie, circa 1971. I think it's time to revisit that recipe to see if it's the ambrosia I remember enjoying during Bewitched and Laugh-In.

As you know, the Proper Bostonian is insufferably lazy, so she buys pudding by the tub for those evenings when it's just too time-consuming and complicated to pour milk in a bowl and stir it for 2 minutes. You also may remember how she fell madly in love with the Belgian chocolate pudding from Trader Joe's until she discovered how fattening it is — more like a rich mousse than a pudding. Fortunately, or unfortunately, her local TJ's no longer carries it.

But then she discovered Kozy Shack. Normally, the PB doesn't buy things with names like that. But their chocolate pudding is "all natural," and practically the only game in town, at least at the Back Bay Shaw's. A half-cup serving, eaten with a tiny spoon, will be a fine accompaniment to tonight's episode of Mad Men. Which is 2 minutes away....


  1. I think TJs watches what the more sophisticated tastes buy and discontinue the items so they don't offend the students with classy stuff.

  2. This made me smile...Bewitched! I often eat my ice cream with a baby spoon so it lasts longer...


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