Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Craving: Cozy

Tonight the temperature is  supposed to dip down into the 30s. Besides inspiring me to make pots of soup, chilly October weather triggers my primal sweater-shopping instinct. I just delivered a number of elderly sweaters to Boomerangs and Second Time Around, mainly because they were too short to wear with today's jeans. So I've got a golden excuse to restock — and I especially like turtlenecks because when my neck is cold, the rest of me is miserable.

How fortuitous that J. Crew just launched their toasty-looking Cambridge Cable collection. These are a soft, cozy mix of wool, nylon, and cashmere — much less expensive than pure cashmere and very comfortable. And they had a 20% off promotion for cardholders this week.

I ordered this hefty cabled, ribbed turtleneck in a few colors and sizes, because you can't trust J. Crew for accurate photography or fit. It will be fun to open the box and see what they really look like. I've had four Cambridge turtlenecks over the years, some thick and fluffy, some thinner and finer. I wore them all to death. I've also thrown some in the washer without incident. As usual, this year's crop comes in too many colors; I can't be blamed for going overboard and ordering several, and then returning all but one. Or two. Besides, I used a gift card.

They make a cardigan, too. This color is "henna," which appears be deep rusty red. It looks like it's throwing off its own heat, like a wooly furnace or a hot coal. I love that idea.

I suspect it might be a little too Father Knows Best on an old lady like me. Even though I'd wear it with skinny jeans. I caved and bought some, because what else can one wear with one's collection of tall, low-heeled boots? Jodhpurs? Puttees? The surprising thing about them: they have plenty of spandex so they are more comfortable than regular jeans.

Around this drafty apartment, I wrap up in a huge, moth-eaten knitted throw thing. It's a weird size, like a giant table runner. I've been tempted to wear it outside, but it looks silly, especially when I cover my head.

Instead, I like this, from Anthropologie ($68), which is covered in rich crewel embroidery:

Then there's this whimsical wrap, also from Anthropologie, by Eugenia Kim ($238.)

But instead of paying that outrageous sum or stuffing my drawer with another scarf, I have something similar lying around the house that would be the perfect wrap for a frosty day:

Fur. The ultimate fashion accessory.

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  1. Of course...I love the last photo the most...and know you MUST be wearing some cat fur, too...hahameow


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