Saturday, October 9, 2010

Current Craving: "Drink Me"

I wandered into a very nice specialty food shop called Treats in Wiscasset, Maine, today. I spotted this carafe by the English designer Emma Bridgewater:
It's only about as tall as an old-fashioned milk bottle but stockier. It's made of heavy, hand-blown Polish glass, with elegant etching straight out of Alice in Wonderland: Drink Me. 

It felt wonderful in my hand. I've always wanted a nice water carafe; I've never owned one. As I kept examining this one, I fell in love. The tiny price tag said $86. I put it down. I gave it a last look and walked away. I left the store and met up with my husband. We wandered the town (more about that later). We had lunch by the water, explored the neighborhood, visited shops, and bought some old books.

When it was time to go, we went back to Treats on the way to the car. There sat the carafe, looking handsomer than ever. 

I picked it up, and put it down. I wished it weren't quite so expensive. Or quite so charming.

We left the store to check out the kitchen store next door. It was sparsely stocked and smelled of mothballs. But as we browsed in there, I knew I was done for. 

I'd remembered a shopping lesson I'd learned the hard way, years ago. If I didn't buy the carafe, I would likely spend a few years regretting it — and never forgetting it— until another one finally turned up somewhere... inevitably at a much higher price. That's just how it is with me.

We left the stuffy kitchen store and returned to Treats, where I picked up the carafe for the third time and sensibly announced to clerk and spouse: "I really have to have this." Husband admitted he'd been admiring it all along.

The clerk was smiling the whole time as he wrapped it in newspaper and put it in a shopping bag. We bought an excellent toffee cookie to share while we were about it. 

I figure the carafe will be well worth the price if it benefits my health. Every day, I vow to drink plenty of water, but I never meet my goal. With a charming carafe of cool water and lime slices on my desk, I believe I will finally become the heavy drinker I want to be. (Now I just have to clear a place for it. Tomorrow, I promise.)

It turns out that no shops in the Boston area carry anything by Emma Bridgewater — a big disappointment, if you ask me. According to her Web site, you can find her things at Shubies in Marblehead and Best of British in Newburyport.


  1. I love her things, and those by her husband Matthew Rice. They used to be carried by a shop on Charles St., but they discontinued them a few years back. I would go in on my birthday and buy myself one as a present.

  2. The same thing happens to me when shopping... and I go through a long list of justifications before buying anything. So glad you did end up getting the carafe - it's beautiful! (My justification would be "It's so classic I'll use it FOREVER AND it will encourage me to drink more water!)


  3. Lovely addition to your day each day.

    I'll bet if you ask the folks at Blackstone's they might add the line--unless they were the ones who had it and dropped it.

    Add a shake of bitters to the water and lime. It will add a lovely color and make you feel like you are sipping a cocktail all day.

    Perhaps you should pour into a lovely double old fashion glass. That's my drinking glass of choice and I have been reaching my water goal each day.


    45 British pounds (about $70 USD) when it's in stock. You can even submit your e-mail to be notified when they have it again. I don't know what shipping is, but if it's less than $16 USD, then it would be cheaper than you saw it in the store.

  5. What a sweet story...the whole thing! I can't remember the last time I actually used a pretty carafe I admired and bought too...but I will again someday, like when I don't just stick my head under the faucet...


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