Saturday, October 16, 2010

Possum, a Year and a Day

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Possum's adoption from a feral foster home in Marlborough.

He's been a joy from the minute we let him out of his carrier, whereupon he crawled into my lap and insisted on sharing my burrito.

We were lucky to choose two exceptionally well-behaved kittens. Neither is a curtain climber. They've never broken anything, chewed on an computer cable, jumped on the stove, or been curious about electrical outlets. They didn't even climb the Christmas tree. The only times I chastise Possum, in my Professor Minerva McGonagall voice, is when he bothers Snicky or steals a food dish from under another cat's nose. He's otherwise a perfectly good boy. We were bracing for much more craziness and destruction. Oh well... you can't have everything.

I don't think that losing the top of his left ear has had the slighted impact on his charm:

He's always photogenic, and will pause in a pose when he's in front of camera. I don't know how he understands that, but he seems to get it. He'll even cross his paws.

He had no trouble fitting in with the rest of the cats:

He's brought new color (and stripes) to the group:

Being a tortoiseshell diva, Snicky had a few issues with the arrival of two kittens, but she adapted within days. She still doesn't appreciate it when Possum bats at her, hoping she'll play with him:

But at least he's Wendy's best friend:

Our only concern is Possy's gusto for food, especially food that isn't his:

But he's a prince among cats, and we're so lucky that he's ours!


  1. Happy "Gottcha Day" Possum.

    In the dog rescue world that's what takes the place of a birthday since we seldom seem to know that tidbit.

    We have "Gottcha Day" parties and give Gottcha gifts.

  2. As a new follower, I am enjoying looking back...Possum, haha--when I first read of Possum and the pumpkins I thought possum was well a I learn more about him. Boy, they did take a big bit when when they 'eartipped' him, didn't they. He has the most darling face, very much like a Norwegian Forest Cat


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