Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanks, A-Rod!

Like all Bostonians, I instinctively loathe the Yankees. But I can give credit where it's due. It was swell of A-Rod to strike out in the 9th and send the Rangers to the Series. What a satisfying game.

As a Pennsylvanian by birth, I'll be rooting hard for the Phillies to win their division, just like the rest of my family there. At any rate, we won't have to put up with Derek Jeter smirking. Etc.

It should be a fun Series, especially if the Phillies win their next two games. When the Red Sox are in, my blood pressure and adrenaline go crazy, so I have keep leaving the room at crucial moments to settle down. This one shouldn't be nearly as stressful — although my dad is a dedicated Phillies fan and I'm hoping he will have more games and another victory to savor. The months after baseball season stretch out a lot longer for him, at 96, than for the rest of us.

Update, after Saturday night's game:  So much for that. The Phillies gave it away to San Francisco.... 

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