Monday, October 18, 2010

Things Are Clearer in the Morning

Well, that was easy. After tying myself in knots yesterday over that pretty condo we saw, I woke up this morning with the answer. All it took was a few hours of sleep and a few minutes of thinking about why we want to move. After all, we're mainly suckers for fine 19th-century detail, and we have plenty of it right now.

1. We want more space. Specifically, we both want a bigger office for my husband, a library space that we can both hang out in. Right now, he's stuffed into an 8' x 10' room that's loaded with overflowing bookcases and a giant desk. We'd also like a kitchen that isn't the size of a closet. The ideal apartment would also include an extra, small room where we could keep our guitars, our little TV, and maybe my mother's old sewing machine. (Ultimate fantasy would be another small room where I could foster kittens, but that's probably asking too much.)

2.  We both really want a deck or a garden. We miss being outside in warm weather and would love to be able to eat, read, nap, and work outdoors, in relative privacy. I also love to garden. I want to grow flowers, herbs, and tomatoes. I once won 2nd Prize in the Mayor's Garden Competition for my porch garden.

3.  Thanks to my husband's new job, we have a very nice relocation package that will make these things possible. It's a generous package, and we'd be crazy not to take advantage of it, given #1 and #2.

Now I can see that the lovely condo we saw yesterday just isn't right for us, although much of it suits our finicky, old-fashioned tastes. We don't need a giant bedroom; we need a library or dining room we can turn into my husband's office. We also need that deck or garden space to be happy in a new place.

Dilemma solved. Now I would just like to know when this perfect condo is going to materialize....

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