Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

I rarely do any Black Friday shopping because it's impossible to get useful gift information from my family before December.  Every year on Thanksgiving, my sister tries to make everyone write down their Christmas lists. Somehow, it never happens. My mother attempted the same thing when she was still with us, and she was more persuasive (read "threatening") than my sister. But she never got anywhere with us either.  We are naturally skilled in diversionary tactics.

I have my Christmas list in decent shape, of course. I'm the proactive, organized type, and I love getting nice presents. I also tend to want the same things — books, bath gel — every year. But there's no way I'm sharing my list with anyone who doesn't provide her own list in return. We fight fire with fire in my family.

At any rate, none of us will be freezing in line at Walmart at 5 am tomorrow. That's not our style anyway. We tend to request things like restaurant gift cards, DVDs, and cologne; we all have everything, and too much more besides.

But there's an intriguing Black Friday sale at Second Time Around: 50% off everything between 7 and 9 am. I plan to go to a couple of their stores; I've had my eye on two items that would be perfect for holiday parties and dinners. I don't like to spend much on party clothes (or any clothes for that matter; I am so cheap....). I usually wait for sales, and my some of my best finds have come from Second Time Around. It would be great to snag a certain sweeping lace skirt and Tahari velvet jacket for less than $30 each.

The problem is that I'm never fully conscious before 9 am, so there will be a vicious struggle between my sleepy body and my fierce bargain-hunting instincts tomorrow morning. I have no idea which will be victorious. But the sale continues with 30% off everything for the rest of the weekend. And all the local stores seem fully stocked with pretty things right now, even in teeny-tiny and extra-large sizes.

I will keep you posted, whether I'm successful or not.

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