Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Creepy Neighbors

And I thought we had our troubles... lately, there's this guy a few doors away, who will enjoy a few beers on his own porch and then walk to our yard to pee in our hedge. I've seen him do this twice, when it's still light, and I don't spend that much time looking out the window. C'mon, man, I think you even live in a single family house! You probably have five bathrooms. (And if you're going to do it again, I suggest you not wear a fluorescent yellow shirt.)

Now, forget him. How would you like to share your building with these guys?

Actually, we're getting new neighbors at this very moment. Signs are positive: they are not dressed in shrouds or velvet frock coats. On the other hand, they are not distributing candy.


  1. Best wishes for the nicest of new neighbors. You deserve a change of tune!

  2. Oh..my thoughts are with you at this portentious time...I have a hoarder on one side and an alkie on the other...I'd love to live on this dream of a 'yacht'and float away from bad neighbors...



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