Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Current Craving: Midge's Flats

In last season's "Blowing Smoke" episode of Mad Men, Don's bohemian ex-mistress Midge Daniels stakes out the SCDP lobby to "run into" Don, take him back to her apartment, and cadge money from him. Midge is not just a starving artist now; she's become a desperate heroin addict.

But Midge's 1960's heroin chic looks rather fetching. Here she is in the lobby, catching Don's eye and looking every inch the Village artist-waif in her beret and beads:

I liked her colorful, casual outfit — so different from Betty's doll-like perfection and Peggy's career-girl primness. You could find this ensemble today in Anthropologie. 

Sad and riveting as Midge's scenes with Don were, I was distracted by her pointy black flats. They looked cute and comfortable, and I knew they'd work nicely with skirts and jeans. In the '80s, a very similar style had been my go-to shoe for a few years, although I wasn't a heroin addict. I'd had them in black kid, black patent, navy, fuchsia, and bone, and I wore every pair to shreds.

Like Don, it was time for me to revisit a friend from my past. So I tracked down a similar pair at Zappos, reasonably priced, with gel inserts in the heel and flexible soles.
There are a few other popular items from the 1960s that remain as perfect as they were back in the day and have never been superseded. Check out Apple's iTunes store and you'll see what I mean:


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