Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Holiday

"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another state."  Mark Twain

The Proper Bostonian is properly thankful for her loving, caring, close-knit family in another state. It used to be a large family, too, but we've lost a few too many loving, caring ones in recent years. While many of the survivors will be eating turkey, arguing, and watching football in Pennsylvania, my husband and I will have our Thanksgiving feast à deux at 75 Chestnut, a Beacon Hill bistro that seemed just right for a quiet holiday dinner — while adding a decent quantity of steps to the pedometer. (We'll be driving to Pennsylvania at Christmas for a full-scale reunion with all the other out-of-state escapees.)

Tomorrow night, we'll meet up with my husband's family for a big dinner at Maurizio's in the North End They are all celebrating Thanksgiving in Rhode Island with my sister-in-law's family today, and while they are an incredibly nice family (more polite, less loud than my own), we bowed out this year.

We certainly have a ton of blessings to count since last November. The best one is that everyone in our families, young, old, and really old, has been relatively healthy and not much crazier than they were last year. We're lucky to have heaps of nice friends and colleagues, who are all doing pretty well, too.

The third huge blessing is my husband's new tenured teaching position, which makes him deeply happy while giving us stability for the first time in our financially wayward, non-profit lives. It was a lean year for me, career-wise, but I'm grateful for my one exciting, challenging writing project this year. I'm hopeful there will be more. And if there isn't, we won't starve. (And you will have more dull, shallow blog entries to read.)

We had two amazing visits to Maine and two trips to France this year. And we're spoiled rotten anyhow because we live in the very heart of beautiful Boston.

Of course, we are grateful for President Obama and our general understanding that the world isn't falling apart in too many more new, horrible ways than it was a year ago. But we tend to count our blessings closer to home, so here's another huge one that we were longing for at this time last year: A year ago, we and the four cats were in the thick of a ringworm "plague." Now those awful treatments and that endless housecleaning are a distant memory. Talk about something to celebrate! Woo-hoo!

And, now, I think I'll go for a long walk and celebrate my feet, which take me anywhere I choose to go. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have plenty to celebrate, too.

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