Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cats in Coats

Here's a find on the Anthropologie site from alert reader and fellow feline-friendly blogger Teri, who spotted a cat wearing a dog coat:

That's a mouse riding on the cat's back. I'm not sure most cats should wear clothing, even embellished with mousies. Certainly Sphynxes and other hairless breeds might feel cold in winter, even if they're indoors — if it's necessary for protection from the elements, okay.

But I have the zeal of the converted; when I was a kid, I constantly dressed our cat, Kelly, in doll clothes, scarves, jewelry, and those fake-noses-with-glasses. He tolerated it and even seemed to enjoy it. But he was a feline basket case, and I'm sure my activities didn't improve his mental health. So now I'm uncomfortable with clothing our cats, although Possum's wonderful foster family did it very nicely. I'm delighted to see kittens dressed up without having done it myself:

Possum's sister Abenaki models an American Girl dress.

Possum and his siblings dressed as... the Three Wise Men, perhaps?

Possum did not put designer sportswear on his Christmas list. I doubt he would wear a coat with the patient resignation displayed by the cat in the Anthropologie photo. He's happy in his own coat, which is plush and silky-soft.

He and Wendy have been busy rearranging tree ornaments and light strings to suit feline aesthetic theories. It seems I made a real mess of decorating and the cats feel they have to fix it.

Here is Possum, recuperating from his hard work.

Wendy knows that lights look best in a tangle on the tree skirt, where she can keep an eye on them:

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