Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the Christmas Mood

Almost all of my Christmas shopping is done, and all of those presents are wrapped, bowed, and under the tree. The cats have been helping. Here is Snalbert, pensively modeling bows:

Wendelina Pantherina (aka Wendy) was both intrigued and appalled by the mess I make when it's time to add bows and tags to my wrapped boxes. Our table stays strewn with stuff until I'm finished, so it's a great excuse to eat out. I can't seem to manage any other way, and it's only for a couple of days. Okay, maybe four days. Definitely less than a week.

Wendy has been in good spirits because her photo was featured in an article by ace reporter and blogger Penny Cherubino in this week's Back Bay Sun, Beacon Hill Times, and North End Regional Review. 

Wendy has not let high-profile media-celebrity status go to her head. But she's now a star. Our cat sitter from Boston Pet Sitters spotted me across the street the other day and hollered, "I saw Wendy's picture in the Back Bay Sun!" Since our cat sitter has never actually seen Wendy during any of his visits, because she's nervous and Garbo-esque around strangers, this proves to me that Wendy is practically Back Bay's Lady Gaga.

Possum isn't happy about this. He's been moody and despondent, spending hours sulking. His own celebrity career is in a holding pattern these days:

Although he keeps pressing us, we still can't decide whether he's a ringer for Johnny Depp, George Clooney or Cary Grant. And now he's wondering if he bears an even closer resemblance to younger stars.

Blue eyes: Possum and Zac Efron:

Deep, dark, and complicated: Possum and Casey Affleck:

Notice how both stars are hiding their left ears. Possum thinks this is a Hollywood conspiracy, and they are missing the tops of their ears just like him. I believe that he's gorgeous in his own right, and I wish he'd work through his self-image issues.

When he's not sulking, he's been mugging for our cameras, just in case the media comes knocking again. Here he's assumed a starry-eyed, saint-on-a-holy-card pose. 

He also spends a fair amount of time plotting and scheming about how to break into motion pictures:

He's not exactly wrecking anyone's festive mood around here (finding an extra comma in the message we had printed on our Christmas card took care of that). But it would be a huge relief to all of us if Steve Spielberg, or Marty, or Ben, or Sophia, or Ridley, or Jim Cameron, or somebody gave Possy a call.


  1. Each and every one of these photos are calendar, coffee table book, Christmas card worthy...and yes, I see the 'stars' in their eyes, too!

  2. your cat are them, please say hay to them...thanks :D


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