Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Raining Truffles

We needed to buy chocolate to fill some gift boxes yesterday, so we went to the Lindt shop in the Lenox Hotel on Boylston Street. I'm not fussy about chocolate. Teuscher assortments and Burdick mice are grand, but I've never willingly passed up a Reese's cup or a Kit Kat bar. But the Swiss make some of the creamiest milk chocolate, and Lindt is our mainstay for truffles and fancy bars.

Two big bags of assorted Lindor truffles, about 90 in all, were enough for the presents. When we took them to the register, the sales associate gave us truffle samples. Turns out they were having a two-bags-for-$25 deal.

I handed over my Lindt frequent-buyer card for another stamp. It was far from full; as much as I love the place, I only shop there a couple of times a year. I like to fit into my clothes. And this past summer, I learned the hard way that peanut-butter truffles turn into a greasy, disappointing mess in hot weather (not that it stopped me from finishing them).

The sales associate told us that, for $5 more, we could fill one of their shiny green tins with 30 truffles. We thought we had misheard him; he explained it again. We are no fools; we went for it.

As I was filling up the tin, the other sales associate came over and handed me a 9-ounce package of "Gourmet Truffles," saying, "Here's another free gift for you." Whoa...

We left with a lot more truffles than we'd planned on. We trotted out of there as fast as we could before they changed their minds or offered us a truffle-filled 2011 Ford Escort as our next gift-with-purchase.

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