Monday, December 6, 2010

Wreath-Making 2010, Day 1

It's Wreath Week for members of the Garden Club of the Back Bay. We have orders for hundreds of wreaths, with proceeds going toward the care of Back Bay's trees, the planting of new trees, and other garden-related projects around the city. We have orders for 245 fully decorated wreaths, and hundreds more will just get bows. It may sound frilly and easy, but it's a lot of work. It takes strength to force the wooden picks that hold the decorations into the branches of the wreath, and our hands get sore from working with holly and berries with thorns. But it's also loads of fun, of course. We have heaps of natural and faux materials to play with, as well as plenty of good company, food, and cheer. Many Garden Club members have been doing this annually for nearly 20 years, and they guide the rest of us.

And, as she's said before, theres' nothing quite like hanging around in a Back Bay alley in broad daylight with a can of spray paint.

The Proper Bostonian only put in about 9 hours out of a possible 12 today, but she is exhausted. She made six wreaths — a very decent number — and here they are, covered in pine boughs, juniper, holly,  pinecones, berries, lotus pods, eucalyptus, feathers, glass balls, and glitzy plastic sprays:

This customer requested a plaid bow and gold accents.

This glitzy silver wreath with juniper, eucalyptus, and pinecones,
 is destined for the Ritz.

This customer requested a red bow with red, gold, natural, and white accents.

This wreath was "designer's choice, with a soft gold bow and Victorian accents."
I went to town with peacock feathers, berries, balls, gold pinecones, 
hypericum, and gold-frosted eucalyptus. 

Classic red and gold, with lotus pods.

A bronze bow with large, coordinating pinecones, magnolia leaves,
wild berries, and pheasant feathers. My favorite!

Stay tuned for more wreaths tomorrow, as the PB crams a year of crafty creativity into four balsam-scented days.


  1. Good work and thank you for doing this on behalf of all of us who love a green city.

    Watch out for the candid camera crew tomorrow.

  2. Your creation with classic red and gold ribbons and lotus pods is the most beautiful I've seen. Ever. And our local craft fairs offer some gorgeous options year after year. This is Maine after all and we've some rather fetching natural resources. You must now reward yourself with your favorite holiday treat, and I don't mean leftover chocolate turtles!


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