Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wreath-Making 2010, Day 2

Today I survived another 9-hour stint in the church basement where the Garden Club of the Back Bay is in residence for their annual wreath-decorating event. I decorated six wreaths and pruned and just tied bows onto few more.

If I didn't take these photographs, I'd have almost no memory of any of the wreaths I made before the very last one of the day. Even though I spent more than an hour concentrating on each one, I'm either "in the zone" or such a space cadet that the design is erased from my brain as soon as it's out of sight and I'm beginning the next wreath. Even though I took photographs, I was surprised this morning when I spotted a pretty wreath hanging in the courtyard, where they are stored for pick-up and delivery, and realized it was mine after I took a closer look.

We are often asked to create two or more matching wreaths for double doors, lobbies, and bay windows. Designing one wreath with natural materials is tricky enough, and duplicating it is an extra challenge.

This customer wanted a red bow. I hope they also wanted a ton of pinecones.

This customer specified a plaid bow with gold. 
I went overboard on pinecones here, too.

This pair was made for a Garden Club member who asked me to use this 
green-and-gold ribbon and feathers. She wanted it "layered and rich." 
I used peacock feathers, sea lavender, pinecones, magnolia leaves, and tiny gold "berries." 

This is one of a pair in two different sizes. The customer wanted red bows
and "traditional" decorations" Since I had no holly, that meant fluffy greens
to enrich the balsam, excessive pinecones, and red glass balls.

This is the large version of the wreath.

My nails are black from pine pitch. while my hands are red and covered with scratches, punctures, and abrasions. But this doesn't bother me when I'm working. As soon as I stop, they hurt. The trick is to keep working, so I'll be back in the basement tomorrow morning....

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