Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wreath-Making 2010, Day 3

I'm about to head over to the church basement for a marathon last day of wreath decorating, but wanted to post yesterday's wreaths first. I made six more, which seems to be about my limit. After 8 or 9 hours, my hands are sore, my feet are tired, and head starts to spin. But I can't wait to get back there this morning...

Most of my customers wanted red or red-and-gold bows. 
This one also requested white accents.

Another red-and-gold wreath. I always fill in the basic 
balsam wreaths with all kinds of pine, fir, and
juniper sprays for a lush, varied effect.

This wreath is for the mother of a baby girl. She wanted pink!
Those flowers are fresh protea, I think. I used sprays of 
eucalyptus, which has pinkish stems, gold-tinted pinecones, 
and green berries. I tucked in tiny pearls for a girly touch.

Someone brought in a box of holly today! Thank heavens, supplies were
getting sparse. Gold pinecones, holly, and eucalyptus berries 
(which smell like cat pee — for outdoor use only!) worked well
with these white-edged velvet bows.

A Christmasy plaid bow called for holly, pine sprays, gold pinecones, and tiny gold balls.

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