Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wreath-Making 2010, Day 4

Today, we finished up 245 decorated wreath orders, along with scores of others that just needed pruning and bows. It was a lot of fun, even though our decorating supplies were dwindling. All the women who pitch in— whether they decorate, run the operation, make bows, organize the finished wreaths for deliveries (standing out in the cold for hours every day), drive around delivering, serve meals, clean up, donate materials, or just provide encouragement — are really nice, and it's fun to be around them. The other decorators are generally much more talented and creative than I am but they are very kind and praise my far-less-fabulous efforts.

I worked on five wreaths today, and could have done more except that we finished all the orders, right on time. So we cleaned our hands with a combination of Crisco shortening and dish detergent, which works well but not perfectly: my nails are still dark green. Then we packed up all the leftover materials, cleaned tables, hauled trash, finished the cookies, and moved tubs of materials to the van. We folded up the tables, chairs, and work easels, and swept the floor.

There were a few wreaths left over, so I took a small one to decorate for our living room while my hands are still scratched and dark green in spots. I make it the same way every year, recycling the same materials. My design breaks most of the Garden Club rules governing tasteful, appropriate schemes ("Use a bow, don't go overboard with one material, don't use too many different-colored glass balls"....). But I don't care: It's my "Wreath-in-a-Bag." By Day 4, I'm bored with bows. Decorating my own wreath takes me less than 20 minutes (even if I'm holding the phone with one hand, talking to my dad). And we always like the result.

So here are are my last wreaths. Now it's time to think about shopping, wrapping, sending cards, and making cookies and truffles. For me, the season doesn't begin until there's pine pitch under fingernails. I walked home in the cold, spotting fresh Garden Club wreaths on front doors (it's easy to spot them; no others are as elegant or intricate) and a growing number of beautiful trees twinkling in windows.

A mirror-image matched pair using all-natural materials, and bows of my choice.

This big wreath will hang on a door on Marlborough Street.

A mirror-image pair for a friend who will hang them in her entryway 
on Beacon Street. I was free to do as I pleased, so I experimented 
with gold and blue, and added big feathered "bird wings" up top.

Our wreath. I love pinecones and glass balls, okay?

Possum has been feeling neglected all week, so I need to pay him more attention. Here he is, moping in his chair, wishing I'd talk and play with him instead of vanishing for hours and coming home exhausted and reeking of Christmas. He enjoyed the leftover pheasant feathers I brought for him and Wendy, but he looks forward to returning to regular meals and having me to boss around.

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  1. I honestly think I like the one you made for yourself best.


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