Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Harry & David

We walked up Newbury Street this morning, heading for Borders, since they were offering a "50% off almost anything" coupon. My husband wanted Stacy Schiff's new biography of Cleopatra. I was looking for Elizabeth Gaskell titles, since I love reading Victorian novels and realized I hadn't read any of hers, only portions of her biography of her contemporary, Charlotte Brontë. We both enjoyed the PBS productions of both Cranford and Daughters and Wives, so I was hoping to find those. Along the way, we stopped at Raven Used Books, where I found Gaskell's North and South, and Ruth.

We passed a sandwich board outside the Harry & David pop-up shop near Clarendon Street, advertising 75% off the lowest-marked price of everything. Hard to resist. I picked out paperwhite and hyacinth bulb kits, originally $20 and now $2.50. I like to grow bulbs in January, for a taste of spring after the Christmas decorations come down. And I never seem to have the right pot, or enough soil, so these kits are an easy solution. We also bought cookies, tea, spreads, popcorn, trail mix, and candy. We could also have bought gift boxes and baskets, jams, soup and pancake mixes, nuts, salsas, relishes, dips, crackers, chocolates, and much more. My husband said he was a little startled when the cashier said, "That comes to $88." But he realized we'd picked out enough stuff to fill two heavy shopping bags. Then she hit another key and said, "So your total is $22." That was better.

I plan to go back.

At Borders, I bought Penguin's pretty hardcover edition of Cranford for $10.

Now I'll have plenty to read while my husband is off in in the Middle East for 10 days later this month. (My New Year's resolution is to spend less time surfing on my laptop and more time reading. I hope these novels are gripping because reading almost anything puts me right to sleep these days.)


  1. Mrs. Gaskill books are wonderful! Enjoy! That Penguin is very pretty.

    I wonder if the Harry & David shop will still be open this weekend. I could really use some cheap hyacinth bulbs.

  2. I just went yesterday and they will be open until the 8th but they are all out of bulbs.

    I scored several jellies, salsas and entirely too much moose mix.


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