Monday, January 24, 2011

Current Craving: A Little Sunshine

I'm drinking my share of hot chocolate these days, but there are still summertime leftovers lurking in our fridge and they're surprisingly refreshing right now — even during this arctic blast we're shivering through.

I fill a tall glass with Trader Joe's Low Calorie Organic Lemonade and add a scoop of their Lemon Sorbet. I'm not crazy about either of these products separately, but together they make a tart, slushy drink that soothes a sore throat as well as tea and honey. If I could add sprigs of mint, snatched from some unkempt Back Bay garden, it would really hit the spot.

Of course, as I'm puckering up from my frozen lemonade, I'm swaddled in a fleece hoodie over a woolly turtleneck sweater, with a knitted (and moth-holey) cashmere throw wrapped around my lower half. I often wear a muffler around the house, too.

Something's wrong with that picture. With lemonade in hand, I should be sporting this:

It's Anthropologie's "Sur Mer" chemise, in a vintage French resort print. It's just my kind of dress, and it must be everyone else's kind of dress, too — it's been sold out for weeks. I couldn't resist ordering it as soon as I saw it, luckily during a free shipping promotion. I'll be getting it tomorrow. And since my lemonade is low-calorie, it might even fit. 

But I won't hide it under all my grim, charcoal-and-black winter layers. I'm not going to wear it until all the air conditioners start flying back here from San Capistrano. Or wherever it is they go.

Update: Sundress was an utter disappointment, as is often the case when one orders online. Didn't suit me at all!

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  1. Oh, I love your blog! You should write a book from it, your posts are so very interesting!

    I love Trader Joe's too and will have to try your lemonade slushy! And the dress? Looks lovely, sorry it didn't work out---what size? I might be willing to try it, with a sweater as I don't bear arms too much, lol


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