Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Current Craving: Red Roses

... in the form of this striking "Roses Relaxing Scarf" from Anthropologie.

Most of this 70" x 10" wool scarf is gathered for an interesting, puckered and striped effect:  

Those gathers should make it less bulky around the neck without sacrificing warmth. In other words, there is some potential for us Bostonians to wrap this carelessly yet perfectly — like the insouciant French women we secretly wish we were (and never will be). I don't know about you, but whenever I wrap a wide scarf around my neck, I look like I'm accessorizing with a fancy bath towel.

Speaking of fancy bath towels, Anthropologie has those, too:

I've never seen a bath towel that looked like an oriental rug before, giving new meaning to the term "Turkish towel." They just started carrying a few other interesting, patterned towels, too.

It's January, so I'm craving gorgeous colors and patterns to brighten gray, cold days. (But have you heard me complaining about the weather, as I did during the hot summer? No. You have not. After roasting through July and August, I have a new appreciation for winter. Blizzard? Okay! Another blizzard? Super! I may often say that I'm cold, or freezing, but it's merely a statement of fact, not a value judgment.)

The scarf is $68 plus $9 shipping, since it's an online exclusive. I wish I could see and feel it before I commit because Anthropologie items often look very different in reality. The towel is the same price, but I know it will not look great around my neck.

Santa did bring me more than one Anthro gift card this year....

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