Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodbye, Antique Shops

Upstairs, Downstairs, one of my favorite antique shops on Charles Street (at #93), is closing in a few days. I've been browsing there since the beginning of time. I remember when the shop had other names and owners, and I remember when there really was an "upstairs" and not just the current basement shop. My last big purchase, a few years ago, was a pair of spectacular brass andirons that were perhaps a third of the price they'd have been anywhere else. And this was on Charles Street. They usually had at least a few great deals, and you never knew what you might find. When I was there last week they still had silver, glassware, artwork, and colonial revival furniture.

Today I discovered that Antiques at 80 Charles Street is closing, too. I never spent much time in there, and I don't think I ever bought anything except for a silver-plated toothpick container. The shopkeepers always had a little too much hauteur for browsing to be fun. But I'm still sorry to see the shop close. They specialized in silver, china, and crystal as well as attitude, and they always had lots of lovely things.

Both shops have marked down their inventory to at least 30% off, so if you're in the mood for some bargain-hunting, check them out before they're gone for good. Better go this weekend... and while you're on Charles Street, be sure to stop in at Café Vanille for an éclair.

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