Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little (Snowy) Good News

Sure, it snowed again last night, a lot. Storms are becoming weekly events but I am still NOT complaining. I'm not noble, I'm just unemployed. I don't have to commute in it so I don't deserve any credit for being a hardy, happy New England snow lover. I'm a wimpy Pennsylvanian, that's all.

I think Boston looks beautiful during and after the storms, and my only gripe is with neighbors and shopkeepers who don't shovel their sidewalks and de-ice them regularly. Brick sidewalks are extra hazardous because they stay coated with ice. Rather than risk falling, I often decide to walk in the street, flapping my arms like a penguin to make sure cars notice me. I suppose the small chance of being hit by a car or bike is the lesser of two evils; I've only come close once or twice. Last week.

But here's my good news: there was still plenty of daylight at 5 o'clock tonight. The sky was pale gold in the west and soft pink in the east, and it wasn't too cold. The combination of the pink sky, fresh snow, and golden tree lights on Commonwealth Avenue was something to savor:

We are already a month beyond the shortest, darkest day of the year. Even now there are little snowdrops and crocuses yawning themselves awake under all the drifts. Rather than burble on like a sap, I'll say no more. But spring is already on the way.

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