Sunday, January 30, 2011

Possum Update, and Javier

I'm very happy to report that Possum had his 20th and last antibiotic capsule this morning, and he seems just fine.

He was polite about taking his pills. He seemed to realize that I wasn't deliberately torturing him; he struggled a bit but was always gentlemanly about it. Fortunately, he's a big cat with a huge mouth, so I could position the capsule all the way in back, where he couldn't chew it, because this medicine tastes horrible and makes cats foam at the mouth. I can actually get most of my hand into his mouth with no problem. And I always gave him treats afterwards, which he appreciated.

Even though Possy has been eating, playing, and using his box normally, I've been worrying quite a bit this week. "Why?" you ask. A) because worrying is my special gift, and B) because his ears felt warm. I don't usually go around feeling cats' ears, but Possum had a fever when he got sick 10 days ago, and I thought he still felt warmer than the other cats. The other three have room-temperature or cool ears.

Naturally I assumed this was some subtle symptom of a fatal virus like FIP. One of the assistants at our vet's office did her best to talk me down, and encouraged me to buy a thermometer and take his temperature. I balked at this; our vet doesn't recommend trying this at home because it can freak out the calmest cat if you don't do it well. At any rate, she convinced me that Possum is not sick. Some cats just feel warmer than others, and Possum is quite well-upholstered, for one thing. And his ears don't always feel warm. And he's not lethargic, or losing weight (au contraire), nor does he have any other hint of a symptom.

Now, let's get down to more interesting business. We watched Eat, Pray, Love the other night, and Javier Bardem was the best scenery— by far — that movie had going for it. I liked the book. I love Italy, I don't mind Julia Roberts, and Bali looked great, but I was very restless until Javier showed up.

I was also struck, of course, by the uncanny resemblance between Possum and Javier. See what I mean? (Possum is on the left.)

I'll bet you've been noticing the resemblance for months. 


  1. I'd kiss Possum on the lips...Javier is probably too bristly, hahameow. Glad for the end of the metronidazole, that could make his ears hot maybe? It will be interesting to see if they cool down. How's his 'eliminations'? Less smelly and firmer? Should be less smelly, the firmness may take more gut healing.

  2. Hi Teri,

    Speaking of kisses, I got a nose kiss from Possum today — he's the first cat that's ever done that to me. Such a wonderful gesture, and so much less sloppy than dog kisses!

    Aside from the warm ears, everything in the box is looking pretty normal right now, says my husband. Thanks for checking in and for your great comments!

  3. Possum is by far the more attractive of the two. Glad the pin-up boy is feeling fine.

    We fostered a rescue pup-- puppy mill mama-- who never kisses with a lick but she did give you nose bumps. Quite intentional, most of the time adorable, and occasionally painful!


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