Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simplex Resurrection?

I'm happy to share this comment from a very nice reader in the UK about Simplex tea kettles, which have been a popular subject here lately. I decided I wanted one right around the time the Simplex company decided to suddenly fly the coop after 103 years of steady operation. I managed to get one, but it took time. effort, and compromise:

Anyway, Shelley writes:
...A British consumer here, I too love Simplex, wanted a number 8, so phoned the company, they are in my home town Birmingham, then shock horror, found like you, out of business. So I spoke to a lovely lady named Lisa, she works for the company that have bought up Simplex and tell me they hope to start production again in March this year, she is sending on all requests and invoices from customers, so you could drop her a line and maybe like me, she might have one you would like from the very few in remaining stock. I managed to get a no 6, no numer 8 sadly, but still happy to have a Simplex beauty. So drop her a line on lisa@leemarkspinnings.co.uk, you may be lucky. 
I hope the new kettles are made in the same factory by the same workers, who probably had little or no warning that the factory was shutting down. Stores here in the US had no idea what happened, and company representatives didn't exist any more.

Let's hope they aren't simply buying the name and moving operations to China. But, wait, no: they are an established metal spinning company in Birmingham. Phew.

Thank you, Shelley, for telling us that Simplex will have a future again. Tea drinkers and kettle aesthetes around the world can breathe a small sigh of relief.

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