Monday, January 31, 2011

Spam Spam Spam Spam....

Possy ponders the mysteries of the spam universe.

Hey, I got my first spam comment today — for a drugstore supplement I use and recommend. (I'm not telling you what it is. No way am I giving free advertising after I've been spammed.)

I will say that it's over-the-counter and not oogey. I don't use anything oogey, never fear. I've written about it here a couple of times, but not recently. That must be how the spammer found me. Ew.

Still, I feel like I've finally arrived in the Blogosphere, or whatever this strange, wordy world is called. For a brief moment, I was actually pleased. I know I'll get over my jubilation quickly if I've landed on s spammer's list.

I do love getting comments, though. I'm always excited to get them — because I haven't encountered my first troll, either. But as of this moment, I'm no longer even mildly interested in spam. All set, thanks.

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