Friday, February 11, 2011

And there was great rejoicing...

in the land of Egypt!

Yesterday was a day of despair for everyone who knows or loves Egypt. Little did anyone expect that today would bring this stunning turnaround. Suddenly, there's hope for freedom and democracy, and the end of oppression, secret detentions, unlawful imprisonments, torture, and murder.

How many millions of tourists have visited Egypt every year, admiring its monuments but never realizing that a pharaoh was still in power? If those of us who have only been tourists are this joyful and relieved, what must be in the hearts of those who call it "home"? I can't wait to find out. Mubarak's departure came just as everyone was bracing for more deadly attacks against the mostly unarmed protesters. That's reason enough for dancing in the streets.

People everywhere should be celebrating in solidarity with the Egyptians. But then we'll need to brace ourselves for whatever happens in the next country where brave, determined people finally decide to rise up against tyranny.

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