Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cat vs. Furry Hot Water Bottle

(Cat, left. Pottery Barn Faux-Fur Hot Water Bottle, right.)

Cat: always warm, always furry.  WINNER
Bottle: warm for 12 hours when full of hot water, always furry.

Cat: very cute, purrs. WINNER
Bottle: less cute, despite little pom-poms. Doesn't purr.

Cat: wanders off, ignoring warming duties.
Bottle: stays wherever you put it. WINNER

Cat: needs love, food, water, clean litter box, medical care, playtime, toys, friends.
Bottle: needs a kettle of boiling water. TIE

Cat: thermal-regulating, will move away when you're both roasting.  WINNER
Bottle: always hot, easily mistaken for hot, immovable cat when you're asleep.

Cat: generally not prone to leakage. WINNER
Bottle: eventually prone to spectacular leakage.

Cat: comes in unlimited sizes, colors, patterns. WINNER
Bottle: choice of brown or ivory.

Cat: $0 to about $1800 to buy. Somewhat costly to maintain. Priceless to have.
Bottle: $29 at Pottery Barn.  TIE

Cat: easily obtainable from shelters, catteries, Petfinder.com, etc. WINNER
Bottle: only available in season.

Cat: decorative and companionable when not in use. WINNER
Bottle: just sits there. 

Score:  Cat: 9   Bottle: 3


  1. This is really cute. Do you mind if I quote you in my blog? :)

  2. Hi Valerie! No problem! Thank you for reading and commenting... APB


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