Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Nationals

We can't be glued to Al Jazeera and the other news sites all the time.... and we're hearing from our friends in Egypt that they are all either hunkered down and okay or have just left the country. Whew. But it's still horrible to watch what's happening to good people in places we know and love. Tomorrow will be a decisive day for the protesters and opposition; it could go either way. It's probably going to be ugly. It's almost dawn there. Back to Al Jazeera, soon.

We can't write about Latin American art all the time, either. The PB has a little project for the museum, and she's having a great time learning about stuff she knew nothing about at this time last week. Who knew that the ancient Maya made colorful ceramic chip-n-dips? Who knew that Afro-Cuban Surrealism was so cool? Who knew that Geometric Abstraction was so... abstract? The more you learn about art, the more there is to enjoy. I wonder if it's same for subjects like tax law and statistics. I'll have to find out.

So the PB just took a break to enjoy the Fug Girls' commentary on the U.S. Figure Skating Championship. I love Nationals; I'm sorry I missed the men, pairs and ladies. It's my fault: I miss everything. I never read TV listings, and even when I manage to turn on the TV, I never know what any of the channels are, so I give up. Plus I can't read and watch skating TV at the same time. Even sitting upright is a challenge when I've got translations of highbrow essays that had to be equally mystifying in their original Spanish. I can barely read art criticism and breathe at the same time.

But it's okay. Thanks to the Fug Girls, at least I got to see a few wacko costumes. Their post is so amusing that I feel better despite missing all those triple toe loops. And my favorite, ice dancing, is tomorrow night. I'll definitely try to catch Worlds, which are the most fun of all.

Kaydee Denney and Jeremy Bartlett.
Jessica wrote: "Bonus points for how DISGUSTED he looks here."

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  1. I definitely just read the fuggirls Nationals post yesterday.

    Are you sure we aren't long lost twins?



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