Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Fun with the Fug Girls

The Fug Girls, my favorite fashion bloggers, have posted a selection of their favorite gowns from Fashion Week, speculating about which actress should wear each dress on the red carpet on Sunday.

Since I seldom know many of the nominated movies, the whole point of watching the Oscars is to see Who is wearing What, and how well. So this is my kind of fashion quiz.

I agree with the Fug Girls that this dress belongs on pregnant Natalie Portman:

 Black Swan. Navy Ostrich. Practically the same thing.
All photos: www.gofugyourself,com

I disagree with some of the Fug Girls' prognostications, though. For example, I see Helen Mirren in this, not Angelina Jolie:

And this belongs on Penelope Cruz:

And this belongs on Halle Berry, who's been mistaking sexy nightgowns for evening gowns lately and needs to stop trying so darn hard. It's backless, so she can show off a little:

Nicole Kidman would look great in this now that she's over being a blonde and has returned to her natural red hair:

Actually, anyone would look great in this. This is one swell dress.

The Fug Girls think that Johnny Depp would look great in this strapless dress with fur hat. I think Anne Hathaway would look lovely in the dress, and she could let Johnny wear the hat.

Finally, the Fug Girls see Sandra Bullock in this paisley number, but I think it would look better on Amy Adams:

Check out the Fug Girls' 41-photo slideshow; it's an excellent way to waste time.

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