Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pure Prettiness

The PB is taking a break from her usual ponderous, high-brow-intellectual musings to show you a selection of pretty things from the spring collection at Anthropologie. I love these fresh colors, vintage prints, and graceful designs. It looks like we're heading toward a beautiful spring.... one of these months. In the meantime, I hope these will brighten your day.

An old-fashioned garden print in a graceful 1920s silhouette. Camara Shell, $78 

Green and gold tulips sprouting on linen, vintage '60's fun. Perennial Blooms Shift, $248

A grown-up schoolbag in silky indigo leather. 
I hope it goes on sale. Daily Brights Satchel, $188.

They call this fluffy tangerine confection a "tee." Chiffon Swing Shirt, $58

 Skeem soy candles smell as nice as they look. Skeem Kumquat Travelogue Candle, $14

Wedgewood blue peep-toes. Diamond Weave Slingbacks, $90.

I never wear bracelets, but I'd like to play with this one. Warp Whirl Cuff, $28

A steam-punk bird sculpture, one-of-a-kind. Gladiator Bird, Watering Can $398

Perfume bottle doubles as a pin-cushion. Happ & Stahns Eau de Parfum, $68

Good French knives with luscious lucite handles. Laguiole Steak Knives, $78

French botanical print in silk. Not available online, but still in the Boston store.

Taking the soap dish to new heights. Kaokoland Leaf Soap Dish, $28


  1. Those are so airy and light. I'm liking the colors and botanical theme.

    I just discovered another gem of a vintage shop called Lady Luxe. It's right on the border of Cambridge and Watertown - not sure which side, and the owners have the most fantastic collection of 60's hats (and fine millinery)- feathers, netting, caps, colors - they would complement the Anthropologie garb. Everything was in mint condition.

    There is a tiny consignment/vintage shop behind it - The Mad Closet - that I missed due to its miniscule size, but as LL plans to have its Spring collection out in the next couple of weeks, I'll probably go back and visit them both.


  2. Love the bird and the soap a bit granny...and I never show my upper arms off, but with a lacy sweater, love sundresses

  3. When it stops raining, I'll be heading over to Lady Luxe and The Mad Closet. Thanks so much for the tips!


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