Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Was Falling, Snow on Snow, Snoowww upon Snow...

That Christmas carol is taking on new meaning this winter. Here we go again! Just when the sidewalks were getting dry enough for speedy walking, more snow comes to make staying upright an adventure again. And we'll have another storm on Ground Hog's Day.

I am still not complaining. It's really beautiful, and it gives me perfect excuses to stay inside with the cats as much as I choose.

The white Halloween pumpkins are watching this morning's snowstorm from their spot in the bay window. I'm surprised they've lasted this long, but they're doing fine on their chilly perch, just turning a deeper shade of ivory as the weeks pass.  I decorated them with pale gold ribbons for the holidays. They've become members of the family, and I'm not throwing them out until they insist.

If they make it to Easter, I could dye them instead of eggs!  White pumpkins: who knew they were such versatile and cost-effective holiday decor?

This post was a nice distraction from deciding whether to put on a few more layers and head to the gym in time for class. It's now or never: must make up my mind....

Gym class? Or a nice hot shower and maybe a cup of cocoa?  Gym class, cocoa....



  1. I like the new background of your blog. We are getting a pretty, but heavy snow in my area of Maine this morning. Time to shovel the deck! Two storms ago we delayed and it was difficult to open the door. Walking our border collie is becoming a challenge. Snow upon ice upon snow upon ice! Thank you for the recommendation of the NY Times blog on Egypt. Your husband brushed with history on several levels. Glad he's home. mainemom90

  2. Wow i love the view from your window. I live in Australia and Summer here has been sooo hot. I wish i had that view out my window. Instead i have building materials Renovating) and a blow up pool for the kiddies. Maybe we could do a Holiday swap just like the Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law movie. Sadly i dont have a brother that cute but i have a few kids i could leave behind for you to look after, aged 7, 13 and 16...LOL


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