Friday, February 25, 2011


I was the only person stupid enough to walk across the MIT Bridge in the pouring rain this afternoon; beside cars, my only companion was a bone-chilling wind blowing across the frozen river. I had the bridge all to myself in both directions the whole time I was walking. It seemed like a very long time.

I was already drenched from my walk down Mass. Ave. from Harvard Square. I was bent on getting my 10,000 steps, of course, but I'm always amazed at how few steps there are between Harvard Square and my front door. It seems I get the same number of steps doing a couple of quick local errands. It must be because I'm bored by Mass. Ave., but it seems like an eternity stretches between home and Harvard Square. Yet it's only about 2 miles.

I also discovered:

1. My waterproof coat, made by The Weatherproof Garment Company, is not waterproof or "weatherproof" (although I suppose it protects me from sunlight). My back and arms were soaked long before I got home. I also wondered why my hair was dripping wet despite my hood. It looks like a raincoat, and it calls itself a raincoat, but it is not a raincoat. It is bogus.

2. My waterproof Ugg leather snow boots are not waterproof. I knew this from stepping into deep puddles of slush at street corners, but I didn't realize that even rain gets in. Oh, well. At least they match the coat.

3. My theoretically waterproof Longchamp nylon tote bag is not waterproof. This is mostly because it's so old that it has holes in its pointy little corners. But the zipper isn't waterproof, either.

4. I am not waterproof. I got home more than an hour ago and I'm still soggy and chilled, after changing into warm, dry clothing, toweling my soaking head, and drinking a cup of cocoa. I can either wrap up in more layers or move around to get my last 1,500 steps for the day. Or both.

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