Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Semi-Positive Things About March

1. March is not February. It just looks, acts, feels, and smells like February. Daylight Savings Time arrives in March nowadays, to mess us up further — the days seem longer, so it should be getting warmer, right? But it isn't. And it won't.

2. Your chance of getting a mosquito bite is just about zero.

3. Fug Madness. Vote for your favorite worst-dressed celebrities of 2010 in an elimination-based tournament (sounds a bit disgusting, but it's how the Fug Girls describe it). Fug Madness is concurrent with March Madness but is more entertaining. I know I'm in the minority, but the only sport more boring than televised basketball is golf. Which is a game, not a sport.

Last year's winner was Amber Rose. 
It was tricky to find a photo of her wearing clothing.

4. Lent. Give up something for 40 days. It will be good for you. I'm giving up basketball.

5. Airy spring clothes and sandals fill the stores, although you won't be able to wear them for months without freezing yourself into a head cold. But you'll still be tempted to do it.

From Anthropologie (of course). 
Under wool tights and an Irish fisherman's turtleneck, perhaps?

6. Kitten season begins. Not necessarily a good time for shelters, but you can help them and yourself by adopting a few and giving them a good home. Kittens are happiest in pairs, trios or quartets. Might as well adopt their mom, too... Got too many cats already? Consider a donation to your favorite shelter.

7. Flower shops are full of spring tulips, hyacinths, primroses, primulas, crocuses, daffodils, Easter lilies... but please note that these are all toxic to animals. Console yourself with a begonia or some herbs.

8. Easter isn't until April 24, but you can decorate your Easter tree now, per Martha Stewart:

If this doesn't make your day, remember: Easter candy is already in stores.

9. Lucky people take beach vacations in March. The rest of us should feel happy for them. I hope the thought of friends and colleagues getting sunburned and wrinkly will cheer you up if you're stuck here.

10. In March, the IRS filing deadline is always at least two weeks away.

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