Friday, March 11, 2011

Annals of Stupidity: Kitchen Edition

As I was putting away groceries tonight, I reached up into a high cabinet to move a bag of teeny-tiny seashell pasta, which I use for chicken soup.

The bag had been opened, but it has one of those adhesive stickers to reseal it. But I reckon those don't  always work so well.

When I lifted the bag, I squeezed it in the middle. It popped open and a noisy torrent of tiny seashells rained down upon me and the kitchen. I stood there, frozen in disbelief. It was like being in a cartoon; it seemed to go on for way too long, probably because loads of them landed on top of my head and shoulders, and when I started laughing, I dislodged them.

Those shells are very bouncy. They went everywhere: behind the cookbooks, in the cats' dishes, all over the floor, countertops, and groceries. Down the back of my turtleneck. I even found some in the living room, under my desk, as we swept them up. At least they weren't chocolate chips; that would have been a shame.

I put a sturdy metal clip on the bag because I am smart enough to know that I am dumb enough to do the exact same thing again.


  1. I put all open bouncy stuff in mason jars. I know I would do that very often.

  2. Don't ya know, when you put that bag up there you probably said 'Bad idea, it'll never stick' but hope springs eternal and obviously also rained down on you, hahameow!


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