Thursday, March 17, 2011

Current Craving: Numbats

Baby numbat, 6 months old. Photo: Perth Zoo, via ZooBorns. com

I didn't know what a numbat was until I saw this video on — but now I desperately want some. Or at least some direct contact with one. As a friend said, "If they didn't exist, you would have to invent them. A pocket-sized anteater."

Numbats are an endangered species in western Australia. They are marsupials, and live on termites. They are also known as banded anteaters and have that long, sticky, creepy, anteater tongue. But I don't care. I want one. If it's a baby, I'll happily feed it mashed-termites and milk all day long.

I love their long, bushy tails and cartoonish stripes. They look like classier, daintier squirrels, sort of.

Photo: Wikipedia


At least some of our cats would enjoy having a charming Aussie marsupial for a playmate, I'm sure. And we'd never have to worry about termites.

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  1. Squeeeee, as the cats of the Cat Blogosphere's humans say. I remember camping once out in the wilderness and a ringtailed cat dug into our backpacks and when my partner turned on his headlamp, I exclaimed "Oh, a kitty way out here"...he laughed about that for years!


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