Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling Better

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better. Since yesterday afternoon, I've managed to eat a third of a Regina's pizza, a big slice of Chocolate Decadence cake, some rich muffins, and a Parisian hot dog (en baguette, avec melted fromage) from Petit Robert. There were French fries, salad, and a banana along the way, too.

In other words, I'm doing everything I can to make myself ill again.

I generally eat a (slightly) healthier diet than this, but I felt it was necessary to do some drastic experiments this weekend, to make sure I'm really well. And Possum encouraged me to be adventurous. He would love such a varied diet himself, with rodents, fish, and a few bugs mixed in. He would adore a Parisian hot dog. But he is not allowed to sample any people food except roast chicken.

Possum, relaxing in his usual spot, was sorry we didn't bring him leftovers.

Speaking of food, Possum regrets that he pretended to enjoy the Wellness brand of canned chicken and herring. I had presented it among a variety of other "premium" foods I bought as experiments to wean everyone from Fancy Feast, which our vet calls "kitty crack." All four cats licked their bowls clean; they were never so enthusiastic about any other better-quality food — certainly not chicken and lobster, which sounded tempting to me. So I bought a case of 24 cans and discovered that they were just being polite. They'd rather have nasty old Fancy Feast with all its by-products, filler, and additives.

Too bad, kids. You're stuck with Wellness: it's good for you, it's expensive, there's lots of it, and I can buy it in bulk just three blocks from here. You're all on healthy diets from now on. Eating badly will be my job.


  1. You made me smile this morning, on so many levels...and talking about cats in sinks,

    and my cat in sink catastrophe

  2. Ahhh, today I was working on a column of overweight cats and dogs.

    I warn you lovely critters, the PB will read every word to you if you don't eat your healthy food.

    Sorry but a shapely D-O -G starred in this one. I needed a model with a highly visible waist and choose a skinny boxer.

  3. Well, BostonDogs, if you ever need a photo of a cat with a non-existent waist, you know where to go.

  4. Possum is gorgeous, as is your sink!



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