Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Blooms

Spotted yesterday in a garden on Beacon Street, near Coolidge Corner:

The yellow flowers are winter aconite; the white ones are snowdrops. 

I believe it's officially Time to take down your Christmas wreaths if you've been procrastinating.

I'm pleased to report that I haven't killed my begonia yet, although Snalbert chewed the leaves, so it looks better from a distance. I've had it for about 10 days now:

I only water it weekly but I am not hopeful.

I asked for care instructions, and I paid attention, but it seldom does me any good. I'm fine with many outdoor plants (but not nasturtiums), but only rosemary and geraniums grow well for me indoors. Everything else perishes in a matter of weeks. Mostly I overwater; I once reduced a beautiful white cyclamen to jelly in a matter of days. If I can curb myself from that, I tend to forget to water at all. This is partly from absent-mindedness and partly because I need to hide plants from Snalbert. He will eat anything and then spit it back up, including the Christmas tree. But plants need light, so I'll barricade them on a windowsill, hidden behind curtains — and then we both forget they exist.

Last year, I petrified a rosemary tree I'd loved for years using this method.

This little begonia is the first plant I've dared to get since then, except for a stunning button fern I bought last fall. After a month of pulling off too many dead leaves and watching it languish in darkness on top of our tallest furniture — Snalbert was ruthless in pursuit whenever I tried to give it more light — I felt so sorry for it that I gave it to a friend.

I didn't get a single White Flower Farm catalog this year. I suppose they've figured out that I'm a menace to their hard work.

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  1. What a perfectly appropriate entry, as I was just about to add a #11 to your March entry: Daffodils making an appearance!



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